August 29, 2016

Retail Opportunities in an Interconnected Community at the Heart of Nashville

Interconnected and Growing

The largest living organism in the world probably isn’t what you think. It’s a tree. Located in the Fishlake National Forest in Utah, there is a single quaking aspen tree that covers approximately 106 acres.

How can one tree cover 106 acres? From above ground, it looks like a forest of trees, but by studying the DNA of these trees and by examining their root system, we know that this is, in fact, a single interconnected organism.

The roots of the quaking aspen grow horizontally, sending up new shoots in every direction. This root system is what gives this amazing organism its strength, longevity, and durability. It survives rampant forest fires and every other potentially harmful environmental factor through its unseen and life-giving root system.

Scientists believe that this tree, with its incredible interconnected root system, has existed for thousands of years. Some estimates place the age at around 80,000 years.

Grow through the Strength of Place

Capitol View, as an ‘organic’ growing urban community, has many similarities to the quaking aspen. On the surface, it will appear to many as a collection of high-end retail shops, sophisticated restaurant options, cool urban residential units, boutique hotels, and cutting-edge office space.

None of those define Capitol View, though. It is the interconnected and interdependent community, the shared root system, that gives Capitol View its strength of place.

The retail spaces add vibrant life and energy to this dynamic urban community. The vibrancy of choice and the potential found in the diversity of options seems to reach out of each entry, enticing residents, workers, and visitors to come inside.

Leverage the Opportunity of Vibrance

The volume of potential shoppers who will prefer to call Capitol View home and those who will travel to work there each day accelerate the abundant possibilities for growth. You bring the products and the dining experiences. Capitol View provides the audience of engaged customers.